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Terms and conditions

NOTE: Currently we deliver only in United Arab Emirates


Terms and conditions


  1. Delivery schedule varies between same day delivery to delivery within three business days depending on the destination city or town. However, in all major towns we deliver on the same day or next day, within four business days in all other places.
  2. In case of Heavy Rains, we reserve the right to reschedule the delivery to an earlier or later date.
  3. For any complaint against the quality of product delivered, the customer / recepient is required to provide an image of the product delivered within 48 hours of delivery. Even though there is no refund or redelivery delivery policy we would like to hear from you to improve our service.
  4. We do guarantee the delivery on date BUT we don’t guarantee the delivery on any particular time.
  5. We do try to deliver well within your mentioned time but we do not guarantee that. And normally we shall process the order for delivery as soon as possible ignoring your specific instruction to deliver at or before a particular time.
  6. In case no date of delivery is mentioned along with order, we shall deliver / despatch within 24 hours.
  7. With regret, we inform you that we do not have a cancellation policy.
  8. In case the receiver or any representative is not available at the time of delivery, we shall take the order as delivered. However we always try to take an appointment over phone before delivery. Hence we insist you to provide 24 hours contact number of the recipient.
  9. Orders, including Midnight Orders, received after 9 AM GST shall normally be processed as next day orders BUT we shall try our best to deliver same day. A phone call after placement of such urgent orders will be appreciated.
  10. We recommend you to order the gift well in advance so that we can delivery your gift exactly on the expected date and time.
  11. We will not have delivery on Saturday and Sunday. Hence if the date of delivery falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we recommend you to place the order well in advance mentioning the exact day of the week for delivery.
  12. The prices quoted at our website is for FREE delivery within UAE only.
  13. Delivery of certain items may not be possible under certain uncontrollable circumstances. However, you always have a right to get 100% refund of your money.
  14. The owners of the site retains the right to refuse any order unconditionally.
  15. If we are unable to deliver your order, then complete refund will be made. We shall not be liable for any other charges, loss of profits, emotional stress or any other liability etc. caused due to non-delivery.
  16. For any order in which problem arises due to the mistake of the user e.g. wrong address or incomplete information or recipient not reachable, no refund will be given.
  17. If there is no one available at the shipping addresses (to accept the delivery of your order) at the time of delivery, the order will not be considered late. Hence in such cases, no refunds, cancellations, liability can be made.
  18. Products may vary in shape, size, color or ingredients subject to availability at the time of order. If a product is unavailable, the next closest resembling product of the same price or higher will be delivered without notification. Instances where the delivery is placed for 3 days or more after the order date, we will notify the sender about the unavailable item and alternatives available. We are here to provide the best service possible.
  19. Since all cases are different, the management at MohBat.AE reserves the right to take final decision on all refund policies.


Important Note:
  1. PROVIDE A VALID WORKING PHONE NUMBER TO CONTACT THE RECEIPIENT. (Wrong phone numbers is non-refundable and may lead to delays.)
  2. Place your orders well ahead of time, so we have enough time to get your gift at the scheduled date and time. Inform us on email to remind us on dates as an extra note at





NOTICE: This store is temporarily closed. Hence no orders are accepted from 8-Oct-2020. Please come back later.